Published in The Internal Medicine Review, Study Clinically Proves Therapy’s Effectiveness in Reducing & Preventing Nocturnal Muscle Cramps and Spasms

ASHEVILLE, NC (August 24, 2017) Avadim Technologies, Inc. (“Avadim”), the Bionome Therapies™ life sciences company, is pleased to announce today that The Internal Medicine Review, a peer-reviewed publication aimed at providing a sustainable means of communication for academic and professional physicians worldwide, has published an article highlighting the success of Theraworx® Relief as a novel topical therapy for the treatment of nocturnal cramps and spasms and those suffering with moderate to severe Restless legs syndrome. The Internal Medicine Review conducts a thorough double-blind peer review of all submitted research and clinical manuscripts. The editorial board, as well as third party industry professionals, also judges all submissions prior to acceptance for publication. An online version of the article, “Review of Nocturnal Cramps and Introduction of a Novel Topical Therapy,” is currently available to review at

Unlike other topical muscle therapies that provide a superficial heating or cooling sensation, Theraworx® Relief’s unique formulation is made from a proprietary blend of safe ingredients that work with the body’s own natural functions to relieve and even prevent cramps and spasms. Safe for daily use, it does not interfere with medications or other topical products – and is gentle enough to be used by top hospitals, yet powerful enough to be part of the muscle therapy used by elite athletes.

“We are pleased to have our evidence peer-reviewed and published by the science and medical editorial board of The Internal Medicine Review,” said Doctor Joseph Renzulli, II M.D., FACS, and Chief Medical Officer of Avadim Technologies, “29 million Americans suffer with nocturnal cramps and spasms every night and one of our primary goals is to educate this demographic of sufferers and the physicians and other providers who treat them.”

Over the past twelve months, Avadim Technologies has had three peer-reviewed studies published on its topical therapies, and the research and outcomes have been accepted and presented at five national and international medical symposia. These results are a testament to not only to the company’s science, but also its strategic focus in validating the brand’s therapies in the marketplace. The full compendium of evidence continues to grow, enabling Avadim to accelerate customer conversions. The company hopes to continue publishing its future results associated with the symptoms of Restless legs syndrome, as well as the success of its full line of therapies, including Theraworx® Protect, which is used in hospitals and nursing homes across the nation.

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