Asheville, NC (August 12, 2020)—Avadim Health, Inc. (“Avadim”), a high-growth healthcare and wellness company, today announced the acceleration of its strategy to partner with the nation’s largest urology group practices for the management of our nation’s number one infection, urinary tract infections (UTIs). The goal of this strategy is to help patients suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections (RUTIs) by utilizing the Theraworx® Protect U-Pak.

Avadim CEO Steve Woody said, “It is our goal to reach the millions of patients who suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections and accelerate clinical recommendations for the Theraworx Protect U-Pak. It is critical to our strategy to work with LUGPA (Largest Urology Group Practices Association) member practices. LUGPA is the association of our nation’s largest urology practices and is proving to be an influential partner in our mission. LUGPA and the Theraworx Protect U-Pak are joining forces to help improve the quality of life for suffering patients, whether they are senior post-menopausal women, spinal cord injury patients, or senior men who catheterize to maintain a functional life. Some of these practices treat thousands of suffering patients every month and until now have not had a hospital proven and tested topical innovation like the U-Pak to recommend. We are honored to partner with these front-line practices who are called upon daily to treat and manage these patients.”

Financial Manager of St. Louis Urology Tom Hall said, “We treat thousands of patients of all ages who suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections. Our mainstay approach has been to coach lifestyle changes, hygiene practices, and for many, provide oral antibiotics and other medications, which may also cause secondary adverse events. The U-Pak is easy to use, topical and proven to be safe, and whether we provide it from our office or refer the patient to a local pharmacy to purchase, the U-Pak is demonstrating the results to serve as an additional clinical option for us to recommend. We are always seeking safe and effective solutions for this particular patient demographic to help relieve their suffering and significant inconvenience associated with these recurring infections.”

About St. Louis Urology:
We established Urology of St. Louis (USL) in January 2019 by uniting the region’s two oldest and most reputable urologic practices: St. Louis Urological Surgeons and Urology Consultants. The decision to combine practices stemmed from a common desire to “be the solution” for urologic care across the St. Louis metropolitan area. USL commits to creating value for our patients by providing comprehensive and quality urologic care at a lower cost.

Additional LUGPA Members & Urology Clinics Recommending U-Pak include:

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  • NorCal Urology
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  • Golden Gate Urology
  • Pacific Urology
  • Austin Urology
  • Amarillo Urology
  • Urologic Partners of North Texas
  • Lincoln Urology
  • Salina Urology

About Avadim Health, Inc.:
Avadim Health, Inc. is a high-growth healthcare and wellness company that sells topical products to improve immune health, neuromuscular health and skin barrier health. Using our proprietary platform, which we call our Bionome Engineered Platform, we develop products that target the institutional care and self-care markets. We believe there is significant unmet global demand for non-prescription options, such as our products, as an alternative to drugs that are more expensive or potentially addictive and can have long-term detrimental implications for our health and society. Our mission, “Discovering New Ways to Care,” represents our strong belief that, by harnessing the innate power of the skin’s ecosystem, we can improve the health of individuals with products that address current societal challenges, including access to care, affordability, drug resistance and addiction.