Asheville, NC (September 12, 2016) – Avadim Technologies, Inc. (“Avadim”), a life sciences company delivering Pathogenesis Based Therapies (“PBTs”), which work to optimize the stratum corneum, integumentary functions and the associated reactive tissue, announced today the results of their latest clinical trials providing effectiveness on underlying muscle tissue in collegiate and high school athletes.

This national evaluation was a multi-site, experimental study. The evaluation was performed at 26 University and/or High School athletic departments across the United States testing Theraworx® Muscle Performance and Recovery product with 104 Division I, II, III and high school athletes, both genders, who presented with one or more of the following performance limiting factors: lactic acid limiting factor during strenuous exercise, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), increased surface temperature and decreased range of motion/flexibility. The experimental design was intended to introduce a new athlete protocol and observe outcomes. Particular attention was given to ensure variables such as sleep, hydration, diet and or medicine were not controlled so as to mimic the real day to day occurrences in the athletic training environment. The goal was to provide as real life scenario as possible across a large volume of participants.

Each site had an individual investigator, 26 in total, who independently reported their observations. 26 athletes presented for each muscle performance limiting factor. Those with exercise induced lactic limitation compared one side of the body with the other as a control. In the lactate group 88.4% rated the product’s effect good to excellent as compared to control. The (DOMS)- Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness group responded with good to excellent results 94.1% of the time with a perceived reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness. In cooling effect, 80.7% responded with good to excellent results perceiving the product providing a cooling effect during exercise. The athletes who presented with range of motion concerns reported 76.8% with good to excellent results perceiving an improved ROM after application. Overall, 84.7% of the athletes perceived a good to excellent response to lactic effect, cooling during exercise, DOMS and range of motion/flexibility. None of the 104 athletes perceived a poor effect. Ralph Lombardo Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing said, “Experimental design studies with no controls are risky especially when the study is conducted over 26 sites with 26 individual investigators independently reporting their observations. The consistent results are a testament to Theraworx® efficacy. This study has been presented to national, well recognized consumer retail chains and has been highly influential and received well by each of the chain’s healthcare analysts. We truly have a transformation brand.”

Muscle Performance Limiting Factors (MPLF) continue to present challenges for athletes and sports medicine professionals. According to The Institute to Promote Athlete Health & Wellness at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (IPAHW) the health and well-being of student-athletes is the primary focus of all athletics departments. The healthier the athlete the greater potential for better performance. The goal of the team physician, performance coaches, athletic trainer, is to ensure the athlete’s health is considered first and foremost. While there are many variables that effect muscle performance more and more focus is occurring with overall health and wellness and those effects on performance.

Theraworx® was perceived by the 104 athletes across 26 site locations to positively affect the individual for lactic effect during strenuous exercise, DOMS, exercise induced heat, range of motion and flexibility.

About Avadim Technologies, Inc.:
Avadim Technologies, Inc. is a life sciences company that has developed a new class of life sciences solutions based on Pathogenesis Based Therapies (“PBTs”) which work to optimize the stratum corneum, integumentary functions and the associated reactive tissue.  Our platform of therapies works to protect and support natural physiological functions of the outer barrier of the body, to super normalize it, supporting treatments within our three series of therapies for infection prevention, neuromuscular disorders and barrier repair.  Our platform and technologies use a targeted topical delivery system, are non-toxic and are effective without the side effects of other remedy approaches.  Initial acceptance in the U.S. clinical market of our first PBTs and our novel preventative approach, have shown both cost avoidance and superior effectiveness in addressing specific needs in healthcare. Avadim’s advanced therapeutic class of Pathogenesis Based Therapies is capable of unlocking pathways to address emerging gaps in global health.

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