Avadim Health’s Marketing Technology Investment Creates New Partnership

Theraworx Relief, the topical muscle cramp therapy launched commercially by life sciences company Avadim Technologies in August 2017, continues to gain market share. As a result, the company has invested in digital marketing technology to ensure marketing and customer care capabilities provide the best possible user experience and keep up with growing consumer demand.

In Q1 of 2018, Avadim built email capabilities with the emfluence Marketing Platform and began integration of emfluence and OceanX, a subscription-based commerce platform. Investing in this digital strategy has allowed Avadim to leverage customer purchase and engagement data to create more relevant and timely messaging. This is one of many ways the growing company has invested in its digital marketing strategies in order to better serve its Theraworx Relief customer base.

Not only was this integration successful, it became a best-in-class blueprint for a new partnership. The two partner companies are now offering this robust combination of business intelligence and digital marketing automation to their respective clients.

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