Peer-Reviewed Poster Demonstrates Multi-Site Success of Theraworx® Technology in High Risk ICU Patients at Booth #1643

Asheville, NC (June 13, 2017)—Avadim Technologies Inc., the Bionome Therapies™ life sciences company, will showcase their innovative microbiome compatible skin care formulation product line, Theraworx® Technology at the 44th Annual Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) Conference in Portland, Oregon on June 14-16th 2017.

Clinical evidence of Theraworx® Technology’s improved outcomes in a urology setting can be found in a peer-reviewed abstract, which was recently presented at the 112th American Urological Association (AUA) Annual Scientific Meeting this past May. Co-authored by Dr. George Turini III, MD a urologist and Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Avadim Technologies Joseph F. Renzulli II MD, FACS, the poster showcased the aggregated data which demonstrated the significant impact Theraworx® had in hospitalized patients with indwelling catheters and who were in high-risk clinical settings including intensive neurological, cardiovascular and trauma units.

“Theraworx® has demonstrated significant success in high-risk patient populations across numerous centers,” said Dr. George Turini III, MD. “The use of Theraworx® for insertion and maintenance of urinary catheters was well tolerated with virtually no adverse reactions reported. This represents a safe and reliable option to aid in the fight against CAUTIs and thus has had a substantial impact on patient outcomes.”

Through its microbiome compliant approach, Theraworx® Technology is engineered to support the skin’s normal ecosystem, which proactively defends against hospital acquired conditions. This can dramatically enhance patient’s quality of life and has now proven to influence outcomes for those in high acuity settings. When the skin’s natural ecosystem, the microbiome, becomes unbalanced, it creates an environment that opens the door to disease and infection. Theraworx’® microbiome compliant formulation does not negatively affect the skin’s natural flora, which human beings depend on to stay alive. The clinical evidence confirms that Theraworx® patented protocols are addressing hospital acquired conditions in high-risk urological settings. There is an urgent need to reduce hospital acquired catheter associated urinary tract infections. CAUTIs are the most common type of hospital-associated conditions. According to a large cohort study published in the New England Journal of Medicine of the effectiveness of traditional methods including soap and water, there was a 9% increase in catheter-associated urinary tract infections in patients in intensive conditions over time.

“Thus far, standard approaches to reduce catheter associated infections such as closed drainage systems, early catheter removal and peri-care with soap and water have not significantly impacted the current hospital infection rates,” said Dr. Joseph F. Renzulli II MD, FACS, and Chief Medical Officer at Avadim Technologies. “Theraworx® and its patent pending protocols has the potential to significantly impact the clinical burden of these hospital acquired conditions on patients while limiting the financial penalties to institutions.”

As CMO of Avadim, Dr. Renzulli leads Avadim Technologies’ clinical research efforts for its product line of topical bionome therapies.

For more information on Avadim Technologies Inc. or Theraworx® Technology, please visit https://avadimhealth.com/. Or, if you’re interested in an on-site demonstration of Theraworx® Technology, visit booth #1643 at the APIC Conference being held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon from June 14-16, 2017.

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Avadim is the Bionome Therapies™ life sciences company. Avadim has created a new health order by eradicating the existing “sick care” approach to deliver true “health care” through topical Bionome Therapies™ engineered to restore the skin’s natural ecosystem – each with the potential to dramatically enhance the quality of life for a lifetime. People are accepting of today’s standard of care (get sick, treat & repeat) even though it’s inadequate and few companies have stepped up to challenge this simply unacceptable approach that has been in existence for decades. Avadim is the industry leader in delivering true microbiome compliance with effective outcomes. Microbiome compliance ensures the therapy does not negatively effect the colonization of the skin’s microorganisms that human beings depend on to stay alive.

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