Recognized for his Decades of Contributions Toward the Advancement of Dermatology and Aesthetics

Asheville, NC (February 21, 2017)—Avadim Technologies Inc., the Bionome Therapies™ life sciences company, today announced that its newly appointed board member, Humberto C. Antunes, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s South Beach Symposium, an annual 4-day live opportunity delivering educational content on the newest therapies, technologies, procedures and practice guidelines in the field of dermatology and aesthetic medicine. Antunes, who previously served as Co-Founder and CEO of Nestlé Skin Health as well as President and CEO of Galderma, brings to Avadim Technologies his decades of experience and shared commitment to lifelong health to assist the company in its strategic global implementation of its topical Bionome Therapies™.  Antunes will be instrumental in moving therapies from the clinical to the consumer space and take all therapies global to benefit skin health worldwide. His leadership in bringing a new engineering approach to optimizing the skin’s natural ecosystem advances Avadim Technologies’ mission to serve others.


“We are honored to present Humberto Antunes with this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award,” said Mark Nestor, MD, PhD, and South Beach Symposium chair. “The award represents individuals who have made tremendous contributions to the dermatology industry. Throughout Mr. Antunes’ career he has not only advanced many organizations through innovative thinking, but his understanding of dermatology and ability to respond to patients’ needs has proved him to be an industry leader. His decades of experience and forward-thinking approach will only continue to carry him further in his career.”


Avadim Technologies’ topical Bionome Therapies known as Theraworx™ proactively defend against Hospital Acquired Conditions (HAC) and supports neuromuscular health – dramatically enhancing the quality of life for a lifetime. With three decades of experience and leadership roles in dermatology, ophthalmology, medical aesthetics, and more, Antunes has been instrumental in helping dermatologists’ practices grow and prosper by working to improve coding and coverage, increasing the workforce, enabling new technologies to converge – and by creating and sponsoring patient advocacy groups. As a current member the Board of the American Skin Association, he is committed to supporting and creating skin awareness and education.


“I am so honored to have received the Lifetime Achievement Award,” said Humberto Antunes, board member of Avadim Technologies. “Over the past ten years, the healthcare industry has started to recognize the importance of microbiome compliance in terms of gut health. Avadim Technologies is the first in the healthcare sector to bring awareness to the term outside of the body – ensuring the therapy does not negatively affect the colonization of the skin’s microorganisms that as human beings, we depend on. Like Avadim, I believe in creating a new health order, and I look forward to working with the company as they work to educate consumers on the importance of maintaining proper skin health with future technologies that validate the importance of microbiome compliant products for best in class global dermatology practices.”


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Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Avadim is the Bionome TherapiesTM life sciences company. Avadim has created a new health order by eradicating the existing “sick care” approach to deliver true “health care” through topical Bionome TherapiesTM engineered to restore the skin’s natural ecosystem – each with the potential to dramatically enhance the quality of life for a lifetime. People are accepting of today’s standard of care (get sick, treat & repeat) even though it’s inadequate and few companies have stepped up to challenge this simply unacceptable approach that has been in existence for decades. Avadim is the industry leader in delivering true microbiome compliance with effective outcomes. Microbiome compliance ensures the therapy does not negatively affect the colonization of the skin’s microorganisms that human beings depend on to stay alive.
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