Avadim Technologies Contracts with Group Purchasing Advantage to Provide Theraworx® Patented Technology and Protocols to its Members

Asheville, NC (June 1, 2017) – Avadim Technologies Inc. (“Avadim”), the Bionome Therapies™ life sciences company, today announced that it has contracted with Group Purchasing Advantage (“GPA”), a leading Group Purchasing Organization (“GPO”) based in Charleston, Arkansas, whose membership includes more than 400 dedicated healthcare clients in the mid-South area. GPA will provide Avadim’s patented and innovative technology, Theraworx® that safely supports the immune health of the skin’s microbiome, which is the first line of defense against healthcare-acquired conditions.

GPA is known for its strong commitment to its clients, and specializes in assisting long-term care and other healthcare facilities in controlling supply costs, planning, budget, logistics, and in staying up to date on innovative products, which can help deliver superior patient care. The company’s genesis was as part of the Arkansas Healthcare Association (“AHCA”), but in 1987 the AHCA spun GPA out as a separate company, and for 30 years they have been a key element of healthcare in the Arkansas market, as well as now in several surrounding states.

“GPA’s strong commitment to the long-term care market, coupled with its extremely strong regional presence and excellent customer service reputation, make this relationship a potential significant partnership in what is rapidly emerging as our strongest growth market,” said Steve Woody, Chairman and CEO of Avadim Technologies. “We look forward to establishing a strong working partnership with GPA’s client group, and are confident that together we can help provide positive clinical outcomes to GPA client facilities, as well as, overall cost savings on skin hygiene.”

“Avadim Technologies has introduced a product line, Theraworx®, that represents innovative new technology in healthcare skin hygiene, and our clients have told us that this can be a beneficial product contract for them,” said Wes Robertson, Founder and President of Group Purchasing Advantage. “We look forward to creating a strong working relationship with Avadim, and to providing their innovative technology to our clients.”

For more information, visit avadimhealth.com

About Avadim Technologies Inc.:
Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Avadim is the Bionome Therapies™ life sciences company. Avadim has created a new health order by eradicating the existing “sick care” approach to deliver true “health care” through topical Bionome Therapies™ engineered to restore the skin’s natural ecosystem – each with the potential to dramatically enhance the quality of life for a lifetime. People are accepting of today’s standard of care (get sick, treat & repeat) even though it’s inadequate and few companies have stepped up to challenge this simply unacceptable approach that has been in existence for decades. Avadim is the industry leader in delivering true microbiome compliance with effective outcomes. Microbiome compliance ensures the therapy does not negatively effect the colonization of the skin’s microorganisms that human beings depend on to stay alive.

About Group Purchasing Advantage:
For nearly 30 years Group Purchasing Advantage has been committed to providing our clients with the highest quality products and services at industry-leading prices. GPA is proud of the fact that every day, our employees bring their talent, commitment and diverse perspectives to the simple goal of living up to the company motto: Improve the lives of others around us.

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