Theraworx® Relief, for Arthritic Joint Discomfort and Inflammation, Launching in 22,000 Pharmacy Locations Nationwide

Asheville, NC (June 13, 2019) – Avadim Health, Inc. (“Avadim”), the Bionome TherapiesTM life sciences company, today announced that its second consumer clinical innovation is launching in 22,000 pharmacies in the 3rd quarter. The Arthritic Joint Discomfort and Inflammation formulation follows the launch of Theraworx® Relief for Muscle Cramps and Spasms and Symptoms Associated with Restless Leg Syndrome, which is the fastest growing brand in the external pain category in pharmacies. The Theraworx® Relief brand family will sit side by side on the shelves of our nation’s most recognized pharmacy chains and will have 19 inches of shelf space, giving Avadim brands a much broader retail presence when compared to the current 3 inches of space. Theraworx® Relief Joint Discomfort and Inflammation will come with two unique offerings, a topical foam indicated to be applied as needed, and an impregnated medical grade compression sleeve for patients diagnosed with arthritic hands or knees.

Chairman and CEO of Avadim Health, Inc., Steve Woody, stated, “Launching our second clinically shown innovation for sufferers of arthritic joints and joint inflammation enables us to leverage the brand equity of Theraworx® Relief. The new formulation will target the 91 million sufferers either diagnosed or who report suffering from functional limiting arthritis or inflamed and painful joints. Our strategy is to build upon the already established relationships with decision makers over the pain category across the national chains. Also, having more shelf presence will increase our share of voice in the marketplace with those who are seeking relief. We continue to execute on our business strategy to bring innovative products to market. Our pipeline of products will allow us to continue to grow our market share for years to come.”

Ralph Lombardo, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing said, “I have been involved in the launch of numerous prescription medications including a couple of billion-dollar brands throughout my career. This formulation is one of the safest and most effective I’ve had the great fortune to be part of with such strong clinical evidence. When considering most of our arthritis sufferers are seniors, the market needs a safe and proven effective remedy, one that can be used every day without fear of renal toxicity, cardiovascular risks or addiction. This is what we have with Theraworx® Relief for Arthritic Joint Discomfort and Inflammation. It’s proven to relieve discomfort and improve function. We are truly grateful to our retail partners for believing in Avadim’s ability to execute at shelf and our investor family who has made this all possible.”

About Avadim Health, Inc.:

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